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Monday, July 23, 2007

Victor Billiard Table


Yes, I know, it has been a considerable time since my last post but I've been busy building the new Billiards Forum release, which should be done shortly.

I'm posting now in hopes of finding someone with some knowledge about Victor Billiard Tables. Victor pool tables are no longer made, but there is a growing number of billiard enthusiasts who are working on restoration projects.

If anyone has one of these old Victor billiard tables, victor pool table parts, pictures of victor pool tables, or anything else of interest relating to this brand of table, please, leave us a comment and share.

posted by GWR at 7:55 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i own a 1920 victor 3 piece slate mother of pearl inlaid

1:40 PM  

Blogger jesse said...

I have 3 victor tables,2 eight foot and 1 nine foot.I am intersested in trim pieces to fully restore them or possibly to sell one or more!

10:54 PM  

Anonymous Ελλάδα said...

My game went to the next level. His checklist for running a table, his description of different types of "throw" shots and his simplifying the stroke all were instrumental. In pool, unlike other sports, there are few real teachers, Robert Byrne is a great teacher for the beginner to the very advanced player. It's the least expensive pool lesson you'll ever get.

9:59 PM  

Blogger Big Al said...

I own a Victor pool table - not sure how old it is - I'd say at least 40 years old (I know nothing of the history of this table) ... my father=in-law and I got it in 1981 from a woman whose husband had passed away. I just moved it from Ohio to California and am reassembling it - piece by piece. I can tell you this ... this thing is earthquake proof. It's a 3-piece slate - 8-foot - has the ball return - and I love it !!!

11:14 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a Victor billiards table. 9 foot Cleveland model which came out of a pool hall in Blacksburg Virginia. The pool hall was owned by my wife's father. I believe it is a 1959 model. Would love to hear more about these tables.

9:36 PM  

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