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Billiards Forum Reviewed on

Our parent site, billiards forum (.info), got a great review yesterday on a site called
Though their traffic numbers are correct for the united states only, we get global monthly traffic of about 3x that - we actually see ~30,000 visitors per month at globally) their review was a positive one.
Thanks, killer startups, for a positive review of billiards forum!
Thanks, Billiards Forum

Submit Your Billiard Drills is looking for your billiard tips and drills.

Have some tips to share? Know some good drills? How about getting in on some of the action with us…

I started this site because one of the best ways I've found to learn something is to try to teach it to others. After all, I'm learning what works and what doesn't as I go through the process. If someone else can wade through it all just a tiny bit faster, then I've helped. Teaching or at least explaining something also ensures that you understand it yourself (unless you're a hack, of course!), so writing has always been a good test of my own knowledge.

The Pitch
If you have moderate grammar and spelling skills, an interest in sharing what you know and learn about pool, and the desire to perhaps earn some spending money, you might be a good fit. Some technical knowledge is a plus but not a requirement.

Currently, we don't have any publishing requirements, no weekly quotas or deadlines, none of that sort…

Billiard Retailer Directory

Happy holidays again from billiards forum. I just wanted to type a post to let everyone know about a new feature on our site.

We've cataloged over 2000 billiard stores, shops, and retailers throughout the USA. Each listing includes a map, phone number, and physical address. There is also a place where you can leave comments about the billiard supply shops.

Please visit the billiard retailers directory today!

Also, we've launched a new billiard video site called Billiards Television. It showcases billiard videos (and snooker videos) from youTube, but in a neatly categorized form so that you don't have to weed through the crap.

Pool Players Database

Welcome to the billiards forum pool players directory. We're working hard to expand the pool players directory which will showcase both current and past greats of the game of billiards. There will be sections showcasing Hall of Fame inductees as well as sections showcasing the current champions of the sport.

The very first entry into the pool players directory was Jennifer Baretta. As you all know the billiards forum loves Jennifer Baretta. Since 2006 we've done numerous articles on Jennifer which have been showcased on various other websites such as The next player in the pool players database with Steve Mizerak. The untimely passing of Mr. Mizerak was largely disappointing to the billiard world. We were ready to include the next pool player in the database after Jennifer and it occurred to us that no other player was more fitting for inclusion into our database then Steve.

Of course we couldn't forget today's great Mr. Efren Reyes. What then a few ar…
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